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NeVeTeC is a service provider of AFISwitch who interfaces with the SAPS AFIS to validate the criminal record status of an individual.

Our system provides fingerprint electronic criminal record status checks, based on fingerprints using live scan or FBI-approved flatbed scanner fingerprint data.

NeVeTeC Police Clearance is an appointed service provider to render this service to all Companies, Agencies and Institutions. (Corporate and Private)

NeVeTeC is a service provider of IDECO AFISwitch from 2007 currently known as AFISwitch.

As published in the Government Gazette Vol. 496 dated 27 October 2006 No.29319 Notice 1502, the service was rendered to do all non-Criminal Clearances to Ideco AFISwitch.NeVeTeC is one of the first service providers and see ourselves as the leading service provider on the field of Fingerprint Electronic Clearances.


AFISwitch Workstations

Your organization can purchase your own AFISwitch License and Scanner to do criminal clearances. After a four hour training session you are good to go and do your own criminal clearances. Terms and conditions apply

Fingerprint ID verification – Department of Home Affairs (DHA) Identity Number and Fingerprint Verification-

Verify the identity of a person positively using a combination of a person’s identity number and thumb print/s.

  • The result confirms whether the identity number captured matches the thumb print/s or not.
  • The result also returns the Names and Surname of the person linked to the captured identity number, including an Alive or Deceased status, i.e. the same as for a DHA Identity Number Verification.
  • When printed the photo will not print because of security reasons.
DHA Identity Number Verification

Verify the identity of a person using an identity number only.

  • The result returns the Names, Surname and an Alive or Deceased status of the person linked to the captured identity number.

Kindly note that the DHA Identity Number Verification is not performed against a commercial database but against the database of the DHA System.

Other Services

Fingerprint criminal clearance within 48 hours – Call Out / Walk-In

NeVeTeC offers an excellent call out service doing electronic fingerprint criminal clearances wherever the need. Our Call centre number is 021 911 5338

Paper Scans and Police Criminal Clearances

NeVeTeC Police clearances is a service provider that manages normal SAPS fingerprints to and from the CRC to obtain normal Behavior certificates and 48 hour criminal clearances.

General background screenings

NeVeTeC Verifications specialise in all types of background screenings as we are a registered channel partner of TransUnion. Clients obtaining consumer data directly through Transunion by a portal on the WEB. NeVeTeC insure clients do understand they are prohibited to resell credit information by signing an agreement before they obtain login details to the Transunion Portal.

NeVeTeC also obtained qualification information directly from Umalusi, QVS, MIE or directly from the institutions where qualifications was issued

Background screenings
  1. Fraud prevention
  2. Consumer profile
  3. Individual trace
  4. Criminal by Name/ID                       
  5. Business Modules
  6. Driver’s License verifications
  7. Employment Reference conformations
  8. Qualifications verifications
Removal of Criminal Records from SAPS

NeVeTeC assist our clients in removing their criminal records if they qualify as per Section 217B(1) of the Criminal Procedure Act, 1377(Act Number 51 of 1977).


This objective reflects our drive to be trusted by you, the Client in this “new public service”


• Putting you, the Client first in all that we do and seeking to maintain appropriate levels of client satisfaction as new products, services and processes are introduced


• Providing business assurance, ensuring a reliable service and implementing and appropriate strategy, while pursuing continuous improvement and efficiency.


Our commitment to you, the Client means all information will be held confidential and we will ensure the information will be safeguarded and ensure you the client will receive documentation on time.


• To ensure all Clients receive results and documentation on time.• To create a secure and convenient way of capturing fingerprints and receive results.• To ensure you, the Client are satisfied with the standard of our service.


• To reach all possible clients / customers• To accommodate them in the most cost efficient way possible. 


• To render the appropriate culture and values.• To ensure adequate staff on resources to meet demands of you the Client.• To provide excellent internal communications and celebrate achievements of NeVeTeC.


• Providing business assurance and ensuring a reliable service, implementing an appropriate fee strategy, while    pursuing continues improvement and efficiency gains.• NeVeTeC Police Clearance needs to deliver value for money and sound finances through efficient and effective processes that minimize the cost of the service to you, the Client. This will be achieved by:• Measures to improve operational efficiency• Annual review of fees and funding• If you wish to receive further information on any of the issues in this document or have any questions relating to this service provided by NeVeTeC don’t hesitate to contact us:

NeVeTeC Offices

Cape Town – Head Office

 4 Denne Ave, Panorama, Cape Town, 021 911 5338 / 021 911 5338 / 084 299 2193


Corner of Main Reef Road and Pretoria Road, Comet Boksburg, 011 8134187/ 084 5555 565

Somerset West

21 Marabou cresent, Bizweni, Somerset West, 021 852 7634 / 082 901 0267

Agents available in all cities

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