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About West Coast Chilli

Established for just over 2 years, West Coast Chilli is going from strength to strength, with an unbeatable range from the mildest to the hottest chilli sauces available in South Africa today.

And we’re not stopping. We’ve got the perfect recipes, we’ve got our own Chilli Workshop and we have our sauce master testing and trying out new flavours to share with all our chilli loving fans.

Our Range of Chilli Sauces

Developed from a secret blend of chilli, garlic and spices, our chilli sauces have no added sugar, no onion and are rested in vats before bottling. We never cook any of the ingredients, ensuring you receive a delicious tasty West Coast Chilli sauce every time.

Now over 20,000 bottles sold.

The sauce that launched 20,000 sauces

Ma se Sous was the sauce that started it all. Based on an ancient family recipe, this sauce was recreated in our Chilli Workshop using timeless methods to produce a sauce for the modern kitchen.

and then there was Boetie…

Boetjie se Sous. With the popularity of Ma se Sous, it was inevitable that the younger generation wanted something too, and so a milder version of Chilli Sauce was created, using Red Jalapenos. Boetie has a wonderful garlicky taste with a mild, spicy finish.

…followed by Sussie

Sussie se Sous. While experimenting with red jalapenos for Boetie, we decided to try something with green jalapenos at the same time and Sussie se Sous was born. Something a little hotter for the ladies.

…and finally Pa

Pa se Sous. When requests started coming in for an even hotter member of the family, we looked no further than Pa. With red and green Thai chilli’s we knew we were doing all the dads and husbands justice with this sauce.

Meet the Friends

A nod to fusion

HAI-BO means WOW! in Zulu, and this is definitely a sauce with the wow factor. A mix of African Birds Eye Chilli with the Thai Chilli makes this a fusion of African and Asian spiciness in a bottle. Crafted with the same love and attention all our sauces get, we brought this out to showcase how well different varieties of chilli blend.

What else can we say?

Ooh La’ La’. As we worked our way up the Scoville level we knew that South Africans were ready to take the heat and so we brought out the big guns, i.e. the Habanero. This little jewel of chilli has been cultivated in the Amazon for at least 8500 years and is now available as a West Coast Chilli Sauce.

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