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Tools are beautiful Something about design for function makes the result attractive. And rendering designed materials in watercolour can create magic. Aircraft design requires no description and train spotting is a thing. Boats and the supporting technology (and characters) are certainly a worthy subject for a watercolour study. When I worked on the mine I used to love having to go to the open pit to watch the huge dozers, shovels and trucks….

We have a mountain in the middle of our town. And long ago, some far thinking people decided to reserve some land up the slope of the mountain to provide access to this slice of wild beauty. The view from The Duck Pond Many many times I have sat at the Duck Pond to try to make sense of our beautiful mountain that changes every time I look up from a brush-stroke….

Wild peak on our doorstep Helderberg mountain is iconic to anyone who has lived in the basin for some time. The peaks are crests rather than domes so the view of the mountain changes quickly as you traverse the base. Some far thinking person had the foresight to establish a nature reserve on the slopes of Helderberg mountain. Therefore, we have access to a memory of the way this land was long ago….

Lamps and stoves are so cool I like technology. Anything designed for effective functioning has a special kind of beauty.And this is no better illustrated in the technology we carry on our backs when we hike and camp. Lamps From the humble candle to the gas-powered lamp. Each item with its own brand of cool. Candles are quite fun but are less functional in camping because of the open flame….


My sketchbook of the last 8 (ish) years is on instagram

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