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Soulportraits are about so much more than pretty pictures

It is about your spiritual awakening to yourself, a discovery of your totally unique essence and customised experience for the client that will keep giving for years and years to come.

Hi, I am Leonie Jordaan, photographer of Soulportrait™

I am a small town girl who has always had BIG BIG dreams. Too big some might say; but I never took well to instruction anyway!

My little rebel heart wanted to create and capture pictures of my world. I was the Editor of the local school newspaper where I grew up and it made me fall in love with people and their individual story. Through my journey, I learnt that each unique person had their own beauty and character and was playing the lead role their feature film, and that is what I wanted to capture when I became a photographer later in my life.

I had a camera in my hand for as long as I can remember. Yes, I started with film, and if memory serves me correctly, my first camera was a red harmonica shaped aim and shoot number with a square detachable flash!

I have always been fairly creative and found many ways to express my desire to create beauty over the years, but – I have always come back to photography.

My photographic purpose is simple, yet as complex as you are!

Photograph the SOUL as opposed to only taking a picture of the outside presented to the world by people.

The SOUL BODY is the part of us that existed before we became human, and it is the part of us that will transcend this physical existence on earth. Basically speaking – it is the part of you that will exist for EVER! It’s the part of you that holds your highest potential! It is the part of you that exists beyond the physical and often holds the key to your true purpose in life. This knowledge of self is vital, as it directs our path to find peace and true joy and connection with others during our earthly journey.

I am different from many other photographers in that I use photography to put someone in touch with their eternal self (the Spirit) and to remind them who they are. But then perhaps maybe I am not that different? You decide.

Society does its best to tell us where we are not measuring up to its standards. I believe it is time to turn the wheel, it’s time for you to discover the true essence of your creation! This brave inward journey inspired my concept behind Soulportrait™.

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