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In terms of the National Road Traffic Act, anyone manufacturing or selling licence plates must be registered. Online Number Plates is a registered to manufacture and sell number plates in South Africa.

Order your number plates online. Please remember that without the official registration number we are unable to print a number plate. Please ensure that you have selected the correct size on placing this order. When you check out you will be required to upload a copy of the vehicle registration and a copy of your identity document

Available sizes

440mm x 120mm, 520mm x 110mm, 250mm x 205mm, 250mm x 165mm

To ensure that vehicles used on our roads are identified, all registered vehicles, must display number plates. All number plates displayed on vehicles must be clearly visible from a distance of 20 metres.

Specific rules apply to different vehicle types and uses. For some vehicle types, non-standard number plate options are also available.

A vehicle license plate is the primary regulatory identifier of a vehicle. Standards and legislation ensure that plates are readable by enforcement agencies, regulatory organizations and individuals using a variety of human and camera technologies.

You can order new or replacement number plates if your number plate has been lost, damaged, destroyed or stolen.

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