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Skills Development & Intimacy Therapy Affiliated with Hypnotherapy Centre Stellenbosch.

“We Rather give you the raw truth than sugar coat you with lies.”

Addiction Counselling

Addiction remains a common yet widely misunderstood health condition with prevailing stigma that prevents affected individuals from seeking information and support.

  • Listen to what is going on for you
  • Provide you with information about alcohol or drug use
  • Provide emotional support
  • Talk about treatment options
  • Refer you to local services that can provide ongoing support

Life Coach

When we change our focus to positive outcomes and keep track of our train of thought, we can rewrite the negative tendencies and behaviours that in most cases comes from your frame of reference. But…   Anything learned can be unlearned.

It is in learning that we gain wisdom, strength, courage, self-worth, self-respect and compassion. Never stop feeding your mind with positive thoughts and goals. What you think is what you will become. Be humble and courage’s on your journey through this wonderful thing called life.

Skills Development

Home Base Health Care Course hosted by Mystic Skills Development Academy – calling on all standards 6 to 8 school leavers students, give yourself the stepping stone in a medical career to be able to advance to higher level Health Care Courses to achieve your goal. Give yourself the opportunity to better your future.

Health care L1 R1000
Health Care L2 R1500
Health Care L3 R1700
Computer Literacy R1800

We are SEESA registered 17874. Certificate is available on request. SEESA have entered into negotiations with SETA for Accreditation.

Intimacy Therapy

Every relationship needs communication on all levels, getting to know your partner intimately is to be allowed in on all aspects of his or her person, the most private thoughts, fears, happy moments, trauma, needs, personal rejections etc. That which made your partner who he/she is in all his/her wonderful being.

Never take that kind of intimacy for granted and never use any of those against hour partner. Be the consistency not the insecurity.

Mystic Skills Development stand against those who abuse desperate youngsters who want to educate themselves.

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