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The firm was started by Mr A Solomon who was admitted as an Attorney and Notary on the 29th May 1908 and commenced practice for his own account in Somerset West. The earliest correspondence that we have is a letter of demand of 1918 which was for a local butcher suing for the princely sum of 7,50.

After the Second World War Mr Ryk Morkel qualified as an Attorney and in early 1942 joined Mr Solomon, as the younger partner where the practice was conducted from 3 Church Street, Somerset West.

This Association continued until Mr. Solomon had to retire through ill health, the practice being dissolved at the end of June 1960 where after Mr Morkel practiced on his own under the name of AJ Solomon and Morkel.

In 1964 Mr Morkel was joined by Mr. M. M De Villiers who had previously practiced in Beauford West and the name of the firm was for the first time changed to “Morkel & De Villiers”. Subsequent partners who joined over the years were Julian Weil in 1970, Eben Potgieter in 1976 and Mike Rose in 1980.

Paul du Toit and Christie Krige had previously been Directors and Partners at Attorney Louw & Key also of Somerset West but when this latter firm ceased to operate in 1988 and the partnership was dissolved, Paul and Christie joined Morkel & De Villiers. Paul retired in August 2015.

Lyndi Labuschagne joined the firm as an Associate in 2007 and was appointed as a Director on 1 September 2015. Christo Nimb also joined the Firm as Director on 1 September 2015.




Our firm has a very large conveyancing department in which four of our attorneys are employed as conveyancers and dedicated, inter alia, to property development. The firm is, on an on-going basis, involved in many large property developments from inception through to finalisation which includes strategic planning, assistance with regard to applications for rezoning etc, negotiating with financial institutions, drafting appropriate agreements, negotiating and working with other professionals on the projects, drafting constitutions and where necessary, attending to the conveyancing which more often than not only includes the transfer but also the bonds.

Our large conveyancing department under day-to-day supervision of 4 conveyancers is dedicated to property development and participates on an ongoing basis with many property developments from inception to finalisation which includes strategic planning, assistance with applications for rezoning, negotiating with financial institutions, drafting of constitutions and appropriate agreements.
We therefore offer a full spectrum of property transactions. Our office also deals with all aspects of commercial transactions and rentals.

We also represent the 4 major banks (viz. Absa Bank, First National Bank, Nedbank, and Standard Bank) in our bond department and attend to registration of home loans, notarial bonds, covering bonds and private bonds. Our bond department covers not only the Helderberg basin and Cape Town Metropolitan area but also areas further afield. Our bond department operates under 3 capable conveyancers.

All registered transactions are also handled on a personal and daily basis in Cape Town by one of our conveyancers.


The Estates department has grown from a well-established historical basis to a large and important department of our firm. We pride ourselves on our personal service with our clients, the testator’s and heirs.

Our administration of deceased estates division specialises in the efficient and cost-effective administration of deceased estates. Our professional knowledge and experience will ensure that the estate of your family member or loved one is handled with the care and skill you would expect.


At Morkel & De Villiers, we value each and every client and we firmly believe that each client has different needs that has to be met. Therefore, we strive to be the very best by providing each and every client with a tailor-made solution.

This field of law also includes the drafting of contracts, be it a sale of business, sale of vehicle, transfer of shares, memorandums of incorporations of companies or employments contracts. Our team of Commercial attorneys deliver top notch legal counsel to a vast array of entities which include Individuals, Government and Financial Institutions, Private Equity Firms as well as both Public and Private Companies.


The litigation department is well established and represents clients in the High Court of South Africa and Magistrates Courts in the Cape Town and Helderberg area. We also act for clients in Courts which do not fall within our jurisdictional area by way of Correspondents.

We have represented clients in successful litigation in multi million rand claims. We also have represented clients in the Supreme Court of Appeal and Constitutional Court.

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