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As an NGO, the crafting of our beautiful items for the body, home and soul, allows the parents we work with to become custodians of skills, empowering them to earn a sustainable income.

We love our South African Heritage, so the lovingly handcrafted gifts represent the people, animals and culture of our ancient African Earth & History.

While our creations celebrate life in Africa and the people that make them, they are also contemporary and perfect for every type of person and gifting occasion.

Choose a meaningful handcrafted gift from our online store or simply a gift voucher to spoil a friend with freedom of choice.


Sacred Geometry with Crystals

When you look at the shadows that the himmeli is casting, you remember the transient nature of things, and when you look at the himmeli itself you remember heaven.”

Corporate Gifts

What fun to dream up event gifting ideas. Contact us to discuss your event or corporate gifting needs so that we can quote correctly.


Each SA Stamp Cushion is totally unique as it comes with the actual original stamp (1954 — 1989) attached. These wonder art pieces from our history are now able to live on for years to come adorning stylish homes. Reminders of the days when stamps were used to send hopes, love and dreams.


We have created a few special pieces that you may enjoy, from the Crystal Mobile with lots of messages and special energies, to the Cosmic Mobile especially for indoors above a crib or in your living areas to remind you of the great cosmos and every circling planet, including ours, just moving in the vast skies….


These gifts from Nature are also often wrapped with copper wire for its conductive properties and combined with both rough and polished semi-precious stones and crystals. Feel like the Goddess you are when you wear a heART At Work creation and know that you are Beautiful, Bountiful and pure Bliss.

Wind Spinners

Stainless steel wind spinners, especially designed to hang in your garden or window where the wind spinner will catch the breeze and delight your senses as you watch it spin, dancing with the wind that blows away all that we don’t need anymore.


Mosaic art has decorated homes and public buildings across the Mediterranean as far back as the 3rd millennium BCE. Mosaic is taking what is broken and making it whole again, using a variety of materials, among them mirror and ostrich egg shell, which are two of our favourites.

Photo String

Hang the photo string vertically or horizontally against your wall and simply peg your memories on the peg provided behind each shape. Easy to use, easy to update photographs, reminders or mementos and wonderful gifts for the special people in your life.


We can especially design and craft a special piece for your living or working space. A masterpiece or just something whimsical. Let’s talk about your ideas and see if we can bring them to life for you.


Our Drinks Coasters are fun and celebrate the Winelands of our beautiful Cape, Choose between Mosaic: Ostrich Egg Shell or Mirror, otherwise printed, quirky or even branded, just for you.


If we find something beautiful created by people that we would like to support, we will add this to our offerings as we believe in working together to create a sustainable economic lifestyle for all.


The plea which THE CRAFTSMAN wishes to make is for intelligent labor which meets a practical need and which is also productive of beauty, includes the element of play, is more lasting in effect than work unrelated to life because it is the result of enlightened purpose.

It is productive work beyond mere financial returns that we believe will carry the final benefit for the human race.”

Gustav Stickley


Heart At Work Gift Shop

3 Stellendal Rd Audas Estate
Somerset West, 7130
South Africa

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