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DC Debt Clear (Pty) Ltd was established by our director Cameron Nel some of his qualifications are as follows: an admitted attorney of the high court (western Cape division), Graduated from the university of the Witwatersrand and holder of a four-year lLB degree.

With more than five years of specialised practice in debt reviews as an admitted attorney, it became clear to him that more needed to be done for consumers in the industry. Therefore, it is the goal of the company to revolutionize the debt counselling industry.

The company holds itself to the same ethical standards as the legal fraternity and will always put your interests first.


  • When you apply for debt review you gain access to the following legal protections and benefits:
  • Debt Review allows you to reduce your monthly repayments towards your credit providers, the reduction could be as much as 50% this leaves your household with more disposable income.
  • While you are in the debt review process your credit providers cannot proceed with legal action against you. Debt Review offers you and your family a protective shield.
  • Your monthly interest on all your accounts can and will be reduced, this helps you to rehabilitate and improve your financial position.
  • A debt counsellor will investigate acts of reckless lending by the credit providers, if the debt counsellor finds that the credit provider indeed committed an offence, he will challenge this at court have the debt written off.
  • All of your monthly repayments will be collected by the Payment distribution agent and distributed to your credit providers. This makes managing your money easier and you will always know exactly how much money you are paying to your creditors each month.
  • Debt review protects your assets, especially your vehicles and homes.
  • When you have finished the process, you will be debt free and given the opportunity to have a fresh start.


  • We strive to be open and honest with all our clients.
  • Every customer will have a direct hotline to the debt counsellor.
  • Our director is an admitted attorney who has extensive legal knowledge and 5 years of legal expertise specialising in debt review matters.
  • We offer legal insurance to all our clients to protect them from unforeseen future legal expenses.
  • Every 6 months we will reassess your financial position to reallocate funds to help you pay off your debts faster.
  • Once you have been issued a clearance certificate, we will refer you to one of our partners and provide you with access to a financial advisor to help you and your family plan your financial future.

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