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Study the CNM Health Coach Online Course

With chronic diseases, stress and obesity at an all-time high, the need for health coaches has never been greater and the industry is rapidly growing.

A Health Coach inspires to make positive, long-term changes, helping people reach their health goals and achieve balance in their work, home life and relationships. Using specialised coaching techniques and strategies, Health Coaches are trained to problem-solve and get to the root cause of their client’s issues. Once you know what a Health Coach is, we can train you to fulfill that role.

You will learn how the body works, study the basics of nutrition, practice simple and effective fitness regimes, know how to coach clients to achieve their goals and how to set up your business. CNM’s Health Coach course consists of 600 hours of life-changing education.

The CNM Health Coach course can be studied Online. Regular assessments, tutorials and webinars make sure graduates are ready and fully equipped to see clients from the moment they qualify.

Graduates leave with a full package of dietary and business support to help them start a thriving business as a Health Coach.

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