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Best Carpet Cleaning Service, using alcohol-based anti-bacterial cleaning technology.

  • No soap or water. Walk on carpets immediately.
  • SEBO is a proven German system. The German Allergy Foundation established, in a long-term research, that 7 out of 10 carpets, still had no trace of dust-mite allergens, 6 months after a single cleaning with SEBO powder solvents.
  • A registered NRCS anti-bacterial product.
  • Removes pet-hairs from carpets whilst effectively cleaning.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Wool safe approval stamp – safe on wool carpets, no shrinkage.
  • Dry, you can walk on carpets immediately – only high traffic areas that are treated with stain removers are slightly damp. *No soapy, wet carpets.
  • No carpet bumps * No mouldy underfelt.
  • Safe on rugs – no colour runs.
  • Ideal for offices, rental agency businesses, homes, guesthouses, nursing homes, etc.

Why use the rest, when you can use the best technology to clean your carpets.

How SEBO Dry carpet cleaning works: Non-toxic, industrial alcohol sponges are brushed into the carpet with roller machines, absorbing grime etc.  Then vacuumed out, leaving carpets clean & dry.

Upholstery & Mattress Cleaning: Lounge-suite couches, dining room chairs, headboards, mattresses.  May take a few hours to dry; depending on how dirty it is and on how humid or cold it is outside. It is deep cleaned using non-toxic cleaning solvents, this is sprayed and brushed until all dirt is removed.

MASTER GUARD+ Stain & UV3 Protection Service.  A non-toxic alternative to SCOTCHGARD.. Protects your valuable couches, office/ dining room chairs and headboards from stains. PLUS: reduces fading with UV3 Sun protection.  3 year guarantee.

About us:  Operating in the CAPE since 1997. Offering reliable, professional services to all our clients:  including estate agencies, guesthouses, Health Care centres, offices, homes with pets etc. We would love to be of service to you.

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