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BECKER’s House & Home Management Services

Somerset West, Strand, Gordon’s Bay & Stellenbosch          Since more than 18 Years!

We will offer you, all year round, but also if needed only during your absence when going overseas:

2 x per week personal visits to your Real Estate (complete checking of the in- and outside), Emptying of your letter box, control and check-up

of garden & pool services, top-up or reducing the pool water level, visits to the Municipality if necessary, monthly top-up of electrical pre-meters

to avoid expensive bulk payments up-front, organisation of small repairs by reliable and to us known electricians or plumbers and being the

local person of contact for your chosen Security Company.

We supply a monthly e-mail report on your real estate!

Written references are available on request!


Our Address:

54 Bakkerskloof Rd, Somerset West, South Africa


-34.047603421179, 18.82241804371





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